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Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

Bringing the outside in

Bringing the outside in.Turning the inside out. And our new friend the GoPro HERO3+.

We are three artists from different cities,different countries and different artistic backgrounds, merged together here at PACT Zollverein. Our interest during our two week research residency is to find a common language spoken by technical systems and the human body.
We are ten days into our research and have three to go.
On the day our research started,the 10th of june 2014, North-Rhine-Westphalia was dealing with the aftermath of the heaviest storm in years, which took place the night before.
The Storm ripped tons of trees apart, damaging streets,houses,cars,railway tracks and highways. It injured many people.
So our outside environment was strongly influenced by this natural disaster. Besides the drastic change of scenery it made and still makes travelling to and from Essen a game of chance...

Our work. As I said our main interest lies in finding a dialogue between media devices in specific space setups and the human body.
A clear aim with questions over questions over questions...creating our inside space?Using the outside environment? What technical devices?Who?Where?When?

To our group of three we quickly added two new members. The GoProHERO3+ no.1 and no.2.. Two small but influencial components to our process. We quickly realised that getting a new technical device means above all you first have to get to know it. And that takes time and a lot of trying out.
After creating our inside space, a checkerboard light field (5x5), and established some clear ideas for further development we started to play with our new friend.

We tried out positioning of the two cameras in an outside space, filming the same material at the exact same time from two different perspectives. We played with mounting the cameras on different body parts, seeing how it reacts to different dynamics in an indoor theater space, with theater light.